Third Reich Militaria Collection

Disclaimer #1:"The following German items are collected for historical purposes only. I have no affilition with anything related to the ideologies these items may contain, past or present, nor do I hold to any of the beliefs these items represent. I stand behind the United States of America and the values and beliefs contained therein."

Disclaimer #2:"The items on this page are owned by an affiliate of the owners of and are otherwise unrelated to the rest of the content on this domain. The primary purpose of this page is to be a display of a private collection and a resource for other collectors. The owner of these items is not running a business but rather a private collection which he occasionally adds and subtracts from."

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Most German Militaria items are REFERENCE ONLY
German Nazi Books are For Sale


Miscellaneous Items
German Wehrmacht M43 Combat Tunic [front] [back] [patch] [collar tabs]
Nazi Police Dagger 13 in blade: Maker marked: WYERSBERG, KIRSCHBAUM & CIE, SOLINGEN [view1] [view2] [view3]
NSDAP Armband [view1] [view2]
Small Nazi Flag [view1] [view2]
Nazi Flag With Third Reich Stamp in Corner [view1] [view2] [stamp view]
German Army Belt Buckle [front] [side] [back] [close-up]
Nazi Cigarette Papers [front] [tax stamp]
Nazi SS Armband [front] [RZM Tag]
Hitler Youth Knife [front] [RZM markings]
1st English Version Mein Kampf, published in 1933 [front] [1933]
German Army Armbands [front]
WWII German Army Mauser Rifle Bayonet [front]
WWII Nazi Minefield Marker [front]
Message from the King in British Bible [inside]
Two Reichmark Coins (Nazi Germany) [front]
Arbeitsbuch Nazi German Worker's Book [front] [inside]
Nazis in USA Book Distributed in US for 10 cents [front]
Nazi Police Helmet [side1] [side2] [inside]
Nazi Banner [view1] [view2] [view3] [view4] [view5] [view6] [swastika]
Hitler Youth Armband [front] [RZM tag]
A Child of Hitler Book [front] [inside]
Nazi SS Rubber Stamp [front] [bottom]
3 German Ration Stamps and 4 Adolf Hitler Stamps [front]
5 Reichsmark Bills [front]
20 Reichsmark Bills [front]
Award Certificate for taking part in the All Working Germans Competition [front] [back]
Report Card for junior high Potsdam, 8th grade [front] [back]
Certificate of citizenship for the use inside Germany issued by the Prussian President of Police [front] [back]
DAF Members Festival Visor Cap [front] [RZM TAG] [inside]
Excerpt from a Speech Hitler made in 1944 [view]
Funf Reichmarks Bill [view]
One Deutche Rentenmark [view]
Adolf Hitler Cigarette Cards [front] [back]
German Certificate of Party Conduct [front] [back
Hitler Youth Sports Shirt [front] [back] [closeup]
Hitler Reichskanzler [front] [title page] [back]
Das Eherne Herz - Dr. Joseph Goebbels [front] [title page] [back]
Vom Kaiserhof Zur Reichskanzlei - Dr. Joseph Goebbels [front] [title page] [back]
Organisationsbuch der NSDAP [front] [inside stamp] [title page] [back]
Die Hitler - Jugend Idee Und Gestalt -- Baldur Von Shirach [front] [inside page] [inside page #2] [title page] [organisation chart] [chart #2] [chart #3] [chart #4] [chart #5] [chart #6] [chart #7] [chart #8]
Signale Der Neuen Zeit - Dr. Joseph Goebbels [front] [under jacket] [title page] [back]
Vom Kaiserhof Zur Reichskanzlei - Dr. Joseph Goebbels [front] [title page] [Back]
Das Deutsche Haus Bach [front] [back] [inside] [title page]
Das Gastmahl Book [front] [back] [title page]
KAMPF UM BERLIN- Dr. Joseph Goebbels [front] [back] [title page]
REVOLUTION DER ERZIEHUNG Book [front] [back] [title page]
Singkamerad (Hitler Youth Song Book ) [front] [back] [title page]
Ewiges Deutschland Volume 1 [front] [back] [inside] [title page]
Ewiges Deutschland Volume 2 [front] [back] [title page]
Ewiges Deutschland Volume 3 [front] [back] [title page]
Ewiges Deutschland Volume 4 [front] [back] [title page]
Mutter Berta Book by Rudolf Haas [front] [back] [title page]
Spaten und Ahre RAD Book [front] [back] [title page] [inside front cover] [near end]
BDM Sport Book [front] [back] [title page]
BDM Yearbook 1942 [front] [back] [title page] [inscription]
Das Deutsche Madel Magazine May 1941 [front] [back
Das Deutsche Madel Magazine November 1940 [front] [back] [advertisement]
Das Reich als Aufgabe Book by Friedrich Schmidt [front] [title page] [back]
Die Gespenster-Division Book by Alfred Tschimpke [front] [back] [title page]
Die Zeit Ohne Beispiel-Dr. Joseph Goebbels [front] [back] [title page]
Feind im Fadenkreuz Book by Werner Hartmann [front] [back] [title page]
Grundlagen Der Deutschen Sozialordnung Book [front] [back] [title page]
Hermann Goring-Werk Und Mensch Book [front] [back] [title page] [binding/cover]
Michael-Dr. Joseph Goebbels Book [front] [back] [title page]
So Sind Wir BDM Book [front] [back] [title page] [picture inside]
Kampferlebnisse aus dem Feldzuge in Polen 1939 Book [front] [back] [title page]
Kampferlebnisse aus dem Kriege an der Westfront 1940 Book [front] [back] [title page]

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